Orange blossom flowers, elegant orange and lemon blossoms are the protagonists of the Bloom collection. The smell of this flower refers to hidden gardens, baroque cities and historic homes; sensations that tell of an unusual Sicily.

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    The Color collection is born from the interweaving of shapes and colors of the Mediterranean. Each piece, characterized by a dazzling contrast, returns an idealized and entirely personal vision of a Sicilian memory, reinterpreted in a modern and essential key. Corallium Rubrum and tourmalines embellish the jewel and give it a new and unusual plasticity.

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    Elegance and sweetness but also charm and industriousness, the bees of the Beelieve collection tell a story of hope and rebirth, which, although highly symbolic, sees us all as protagonists. the collection conceived as perfect harmony between the natural world and the animal world, captures the eye, evoking the lightness of nature, in its gentle composure.

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    The cassata to wear, a jewel in lava, coral, silver, enamel and precious stones to pay homage to Sicily

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    the maison's collections always tell of a journey, in form and through matter, and the Cerchio collection is no different in this. The circle, symbol of completeness, unity but also equality, becomes pure form, transcending meaning and becoming lightness in a precious jewel.

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  • Create your own jewel

    In her laboratory, Lidia Lucchese creates tailor-made jewelry, unique, elegant, and sophisticated pieces, made with care and passion for details. Thanks to thirty years of experience, Lidia designs and creates the jewel you have always dreamed of.