Lidia Lucchese

  • Lidia Lucchese was born in Alcamo in 1963. Her studies led her to graduate in economics, but she soon realized that she had to follow her creative vocation. After graduating as a goldsmith, she began to define her style by delving into the art of metalworking. She began creating custom-made jewelry, rediscovering the art of Sicilian master goldsmiths and deciding to become its bearer, always adding a unique design and careful research into materials.

  • In 1993 he opened her laboratory, which became the fulcrum of his creativity. Materials are at the center of the collections, each piece is in fact designed and made by hand and therefore the care and attention to the product makes each jewel unique. Rare gems and semi-precious stones, combined in an original way with gold threads, chains, corals and pearls, seduce with a strong personality. Professional success does not distract her from research and improvement activities, to which she constantly dedicates herself, animated by the pleasure of getting excited and making people emotional.

  • Over the years she has participated in various events presenting his jewels, always broadening his horizons, but without ever forgetting his vision of Sicily. Today Lidia defines herself as a jewelry maker and recognizes that although her business has grown over the years, the creative processes have remained unchanged. Recently, new challenges have accompanied Lidia in its growth, such as entering the Japanese market or expanding into the American one. Several collections have marked the history of the brand. From the sweet luxury of Cassata to Wear Tailor-made jewels, passing through the sparkling LivingCorale collection arriving at the most recent Color and Bloom.

  • Philosophy and design

    In the creative process, Lidia always starts from an image, a sensation or a memory. Sicily is the backdrop for many of these elements, and therefore the link between its jewels and its land of origin is inseparable. Materials and shapes are at the center of the creative narrative, and over the years all the collections have told of a different, multifaceted Sicily, which knows how to treasure its past, but which at the same time looks forward, embracing an unusual modernity. For Lidia, working in synergy with other local entities is fundamental: only through sharing skills is it possible to bring a story that comes from afar into the future. From here the projects arise with the coral masters of Trapani and Sciacca or with the historic goldsmith houses of Palermo, which have been able to preserve the best gold processing techniques over the years. For many, handmade is a difficult choice, but those who make this choice agree to write their story every day, jewel after jewel.