Lidia Lucchese Gioielli Presents the "Circle" Collection at Vicenzaoro September 2023

Lidia Lucchese Gioielli Presenta la Collezione "Circle" a Vicenzaoro Settembre 2023

The maison's journey continues in the dialogue between contemporary jewelery and Sicilian tradition 

Last September, Lidia Lucchese Gioielli continued its journey towards internationalization , returning as an exhibitor at Vicenzaoro 2023. For the occasion , the new collection, Cerchio, was unveiled, which continues, in line with past ready-to- wear collections to tell Sicily in a contemporary and never banal way.

In fact, the collection symbolizes completeness. Unity but also equality that becomes pure form, transcending meaning and becoming lightness in a precious jewel.

The event was an opportunity to re-propose some iconic jewels but also some new ones .

Vicenzaoro is one of the most prestigious jewelery fairs in the world, held in the city of Vicenza. The event is a point of reference for professionals in the sector, from jewelery companies to international auction houses who meet twice a year in the Veneto to discuss new jewelery trends . By participating, Lidia Lucchese Gioielli had the opportunity to share her artistic vision and dedication to the Italian goldsmith tradition with a global audience, continuing to contribute to the growth and innovation of the sector.

Special thanks to the Department of Productive Activities of the Sicilian Region, which provided invaluable help in organizing the event.