Lidia Lucchese Gioielli and the Scopello Tonnara: A Sparkling Partnership for the New Key Rings!

Lidia Lucchese Gioielli e la Tonnara di Scopello: Una Partnership Scintillante per i Nuovi Portachiavi!

An unusual commission for the maison, which proposes a partnership with a historical excellence of the area.

The Tonnara di Scopello is one of the most visited places in Sicily, located among the majestic cliffs of the Zingaro nature reserve. The ancient fishing establishment, dating back to the 13th century, is a place steeped in tradition and beauty. Its crystal clear waters and breathtaking views capture the attention of visitors, while the old structures of the tuna fishery tell stories of ancient skills in catching tuna. Today, the Tonnara di Scopello is a fascinating tourist site and a luxury residence by the sea.

This season saw the start of a close collaboration with the maison Lidia Lucchese Gioielli for an unusual but stimulating commission. In fact, Lidia has designed and created more than 25 different key rings for each of the suites in the structure.

Just like custom-made jewellery, the customer's needs were listened to and the object contextualised within the scenario . Lidia then redesigned the logo of each of these key rings and together with our master goldsmiths, hand engraved the name of each of these rooms. A unique and unrepeatable work that makes these key rings truly Tailor Made.

Through these projects, we rediscover the value of the territory and the importance of the synergy between the different local realities .